LiquidEye Water Housing Systems pretty much has the entire line of the Canon and Nikon DSLR’s covered for you. So whether you are a beginner or a seasoned photographer at LiquidEye we have a waterhousing solution to suit your needs, building reliable, durable and cost effective surf sport camera housing systems. Rock solid yet light as a feather.

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Bruno Veiga


A talented photographer of the new Brazilian photographers’ generation, Bruno Veiga, has started to take pictures on the paradisiac island of Fernando de Noronha, and in a short time began to publish his photos in the main Brazilian surf magazines. Always looking for different angles, his main goal is to show a new prospective of the surf world.

Bruno is working between the Brazilian Hawaii, Chile, and Indonesia. His big enthusiasm to create something new is a great opportunity to find new potential of our equipment. Welcome Bruno!

"An opportunity to work with Liquid Eye housing has elevated the quality of my photos to a higher level. The Liquid Eye housing is just the best, really light and strong, and it gives me much more security when I go to the water. It is now easier for me to get the perfect sharpness with the right focus point and that way work more efficiently.
Individual production of each housing is another advantage of Liquid Eye, with his experience, Philippe knows exactly what we need. Working with him is a big step in my career. It’s really great to be on board!"

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