Jason Wolcott

Jason Wolcott

Born in Los Angeles in 1975 Jason Wolcott, like his photographic art is a product of his eclectic environment whilst growing up among the different regions of California.

Jason studied photography under Jan Peterzak, a former assistant of renowned photographer, Ansel Adams, and Bill Hendricks, a professor at the Brooks Institute of Photography.

As a photographer Jason has experienced success personally and professionally while his love of the ocean has inspired his craft. While his subject matter is diverse he draws from his 20 years as a waterman and affinity for the ocean to evoke an emotional response to his photographs; his understanding of wind, light, and waves assist in conveying a unique impression, which he achieves with the use of slow shutter and speed photography.

Jason has since applied his ideas to a scope of work that range from the mystic to the modern. His work can be found hanging on the walls of galleries, the homes of celebrities and in countless publications all over the globe.

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